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To Change the World...

I believe that vision therapy has the power to change the world. If the child or adult who needs it finally gets the VT they need, their world expands, the possibilities to affect their world become visible, often for the first time.

I believe that visual limitations are the limits of one's life. The lifting those limitations, empowering all the powers of vision, attention, fulfilling potential, is one of the most liberating things that can happen to a human being.

Now we know that vision is a whole brain, whole person phenomenon. And we are certain that seeing the world rightly, leads to a balanced, accomplishment filled life.

Yet the vast majority of people with visual limitations do not get the VT that would liberate them. There are just not enough doctors providing the therapy to handle the 80 million children and adults who need it. Who among those millions are the great leaders, inspired scientists, honest governors, religious leaders. Who could have been a better parent, a better person, if only they got the vision therapy they needed.

That's what drove me to find a way to make VT doctors highly successful, incredibly effective at reaching those who need them, but do not know it.

At this moment, we could use 10,000 more VT ODs to even begin to handle the children with these issues. It's what I've devoted the last 40 years of my life to doing. Helping doctors to effectively reach all those people who don't realize their visual limits are restricting their lives.

Imagine what would happen if all those millions who think they are marginal, not smart enough, turned off to education and learning, were to step past their perceived limits? What would change in the world?

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