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Create Your Ideal VT Practice with our

Complete Consultation Program

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We deliver what clients describe as “that something extra,” that builds team, emphasizes leadership and ultimately provides prosperity and freedom. 

When you enroll in our full consultation, what will you get?



Before our first formal session, we work with doctor and key staff to develop the custom aspects of the consultation. We discuss required staffing, and any other issues.  We even examine and make suggestions for office layout.

We are always available by email, phone and remote meetings to address any concerns or issues that develop as you go along.  We also provide you with our very detailed documentation and hundreds of data files for forms and all the materials needed for marketing and management of a practice.

The Courses:

When you’re ready, first step is our Mastering the Business of VT course.  This weekend  course reveals the structure of a great VT practice.  The marketing, patient flow, staffing, budget, pricing, dealing with basic patient issues.  This is the foundation and is meant for doctor and staff to know what and why they’re doing this.   The course is offered several times per year, or it can be done privately in your office with your staff. Read more about this course.


Mastering the Art of VT Communication This course is designed to foster a sense of mission that is the main ingredient for committed, happy staff, teamwork and modeling and developing leadership in the doctor.  This is a long weekend course ( 2.5 day seminar).  It’s a deep dive into how to communicate the VT message so that patients arrive seeking vision therapy and knowing what it can do for them or their children.  It introduces the R.T.E.C. communication process, which is the key to enrolling people into a program of care,  The course is structured around how to deliver a talk that produces booked exams and professional referrals.  Read more about this course.


The In-Office Training, Part 1:
After the two courses, We come to your office for a total of four work days (two days, a day off, two days).  During this critical visit, we detail “The Map,” a visual management tool that covers the entire patient flow and work flow in the practice.  Each person on staff gets a clear picture of their role and how what they do affects the others.  This is where we insert all the individualized variations the doctor has expressed.


In-Office Training, Part 2:

This segment trains our proprietary “Triage” process in depth.  This is how to take the first phone call and turn it into a booked evaluation with a high expectation of enrolling in VT. 


The final day is devoted to training the Vision Therapy Administrator in basics of marketing using social media and PR methods to promote VT in your community.  This is critical.  If you choose to use our simple report writer app, your VTA will learn to use it.  Reports in about 3 minutes of doctor time.


Post Training Support:

We provide a full year of phone and remote meeting support, as needed as well as on a fixed schedule.  This is to help you implement what you’ve learned. 


The Materials and Digital Files:

You will receive 8 detailed volumes of the procedures we teach.  We provide this so you can train new staff.  Between these guides and the Custom Practice Flow Map we developed with you during your first two days of in office training, you will be able to manage and deal with many issues.

We provide more than 800 digital files.  Every essential form and checklist, flyers, script, etc. is available so you can use and even customize them for your practice.  There are so many files that to look at them all is quite a project.  A client once told us that developing the material you get in these files would have cost them more than our entire consultation.


Payment Plan:  We have several options available.

It all starts with a free phone consultation call with Amee Lecoq, which you can schedule below or by contacting her at

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