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What we Offer:

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Our mission is to train and equip you and your staff to build thriving, professional, referral-based vision therapy practices so that more children and adults will get the care they need. 

We're known for teaching that intangible element that makes those practice building ideas work. That's what makes Lecoq Practice Development stand out among the host of optometric consultants. We'll come to you, with the Complete Consultation, or one of our powerful courses, leaving you and your staff inspired, refreshed and ready to take great care of many more patients!  

Amee Lecoq, Lead Consultant

This consists of our two courses, plus another multi-day training with staff at your office.  

It delivers the complete Lecoq Practice Development technology and staff training for implementation. Includes one full year of support, detailed documentation, videos of actual training.  

You’ll also receive hundreds of digital files for management, marketing, patient presentation and the enrollment process.  

This is the full Lecoq system, developed over decades, combining the highest professional standards with leading edge methods.  

The Purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the system you need to develop a successful, prosperous and satisfying practice. 

You'll get a clear roadmap to starting or growing Vision Therapy. Discover the proven methods our clients use; methods found in top VT practices, expertly integrated. 

"This is a phenomenal kick-start when setting up your practice.  It gives direction and a system to a complex issue.  You will feel much more ready to build your dream practice after this course. "

--Neil Renaud, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD
(Neil is a co-winner of the COVD Making VT Visible award!)

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Imagine what it would be like if patients arrived seeking vision therapy, knowing what it costs, time requirements and with money and insurance issues handled. In this course we teach you and your staff exactly how to convert an interested listener into a committed therapy patient. 

"The ... course recalled many things I'd let drop out.  Surprisingly it also gave me great ideas that I can begin using tomorrow.  I would recommend this course for beginners and experienced VT practitioners alike."  


--David Cook, O.D., FCOVD

(Winner of COVD's A.M. Skeffington Award

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