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Transform your Practice with Powerful Courses
In your office, on your schedule

Mastering the Art of VT Communication
More VT enrollments- Inspire staff - Gain new skills 
IN PERSON - February 24-26, 2023, Albany, NY
in the office of Dr. Rob Fox -
Early Reg. Rate- 10% off! 
Or, schedule a private course - WE COME TO YOU

Mastering the Business of Vision Therapy

What they didn't teach you in Optometry School

Amee pointing ivi_edited.jpg

Wondering how best to start or grow VT?  Want to make your practice run more smoothly? This remarkable business course gives you a clear roadmap to starting or growing a VT practice. Discover the proven system our clients use; methods found in top VT practices, expertly integrated.

Amee Lecoq

Be Sure of Your Plan

Create a Staff Run Practice

Systems Give You Freedom

This course is available a la carte in your office, or by remote meeting.   It is a great early step in a full consultation.  The method applies to VT-only practices as well as how to seamlessly integrate VT with primary care.

What will you get? Mastering the Business of VT delivers richly on key topics in 6 structured segments:

The Market for VT

Startup Projections for VT, Escape Managed Care, Facility Requirements,  Pricing, Profit Margins, More

The Structure, Mapped

Staff Actions, Sign-up Process, Patient/Parent Orientation, VT Space Set-up

The VT Message

All Tell the Same Story,

Explanation vs. Experience

Communication Protocol

Inviting to Take Action 

Marketing VT

Workshops and Community Outreach, Setting up Talks and Events, Build Referral Sources

Organize the Practice

The Critical First Contact, VT with Primary Care/VT only; Care Tracks, Patient/Parent Preparation

Intro to Map of the Lecoq System

The Staff Run Practice

Key Roles and Hiring Guide, Training Resources, Leadership vs. Management, Freedom for Dr. 

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