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Mastering the Art of VT Communications

A Foundational Course

Mastery:  A master of VT communication effortlessly brings parents, patients, referral sources and others, to know that the issue is vision, and that he or she has the solution.     --Thomas Lecoq

Imagine what it would be like if patients arrived seeking vision therapy, knowing what it costs, time required, and with money and insurance issues handled.  In this freshly updated course, you and staff will have a breakthrough in the ability to generate eager therapy patients from your community, your marketing, your existing patients and referral sources.

In this course we teach exactly how to convert listeners into a committed therapy patient.  All without hard sell.  This course is the foundation for all communications about VT, from social media, to initial patient phone call, to actually enrolling in and completing vision therapy.  

Enroll more VT patients

Create consistent messaging

Inspire and energize your staff

This course is available a la carte in your office, or in scheduled group workshops .  It is a great early step in a full consultation.  The method applies to VT-only practices as well as how to seamlessly integrate VT with primary care.

Schedule your private course today!

We'll come to you! Have us deliver this powerful course in 2 1/2 days in your office, on your schedule. 

An effective refresher for past clients or a good first step if you're considering working with us.

The Key to mastery is our extraordinary RTEC communications structure.  You and staff will learn and rehearse this gentle, yet powerful way to reach the hearts of the people you want to help.
Can you explain VT in 45 seconds or less?  You’ll learn that, and how to use simple, but powerful demonstrations to give a direct experience of vision issues.
Want to get the word out about VT in your community?  We’ll cover using the method for social media, print, TV and radio.

You’ll learn “The Talk,” an elegantly simple workshop presentation whose purpose is to book patients for evaluations, and then to enroll in therapy.  It becomes a go to tool for all your practice outreach. You and your staff will begin telling the same story about VT, each reinforcing the other.  Working as a team to have patients get the care they need.  No more conflicting stories that leave parents and patients confused. Staff will be as capable of generating and enrolling VT patients as you are. 

This course builds team, and the “intangible” element that creates an inspired and dedicated loyalty and devotion to empowering people through VT.  
From the brand new employee to the most seasoned person in your practice, staff (AND doctors) return refreshed and moved to transform the lives of patients. 
They'll be equipped to enroll more patients, and deliver the best care, by communicating effectively and empathetically. 

What Participants Say

Dr. Robert Fox

"This course totally changed how I discuss vision with parents, educators, and the general public.  It is amazing how much better we are at letting a parent know that we understand the depth of their child's vision and learning struggles.  We are better at engaging in discussions of the struggles both at school and at home, and in motivating parents to take the next step in treating the vision problem.  Since taking this course we have had substantial growth in our practice with regular workshops being a central part of our community outreach.  Thank you, Tom and Amee, for helping our practice reach its potential." 

Dr. Heidi Wise

"As someone who has always wanted to understand things, I have sought to make patients understand the problem and how I can solve it.  Although it comes from my heart and out of genuine care for helping others, (this approach) has left me ineffective as a doctor because it isn't what they understand that leads them to do what I recommend.  This course has finally given me the way to let patients know how much I care, and (to) choose the right thing because they KNOW its the right thing.  I can finally reach those I can help much more effectively, and impact many more lives than I thought possible, thank you!

Chad Danley

"I left this course with a much better understanding of how to run a successful VT Practice. But much more important than that, I left this course with a much better understanding of the potential we have to change the life (and world) of one child, and another, and another. Much too often, we settle for surviving. At home, at work, with friends, with family. When instead, we have the potential to reach a level of thriving. And this course opened my eyes to that potential."

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