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In our acclaimed master communications course you and your staff will learn:

  • Exactly how to convert an interested listener into a therapy patient

  • Doctor and staff communicate consistently, reinforcing each other

  • Get the word out in your community- people will arrive seeking care

  • Money and insurance issues fade away

June 23-25, San Diego, CA area

Hosted by Dr. Pinto Ng Zhao

September 8-10, Manassas, VA

Hosted by Dr. Tod Davis

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Ideal Vision Institute 
Quick Start VT Course

A unique 2-weekend course created to give ODs exactly what they need to practice VT with confidence
  • In-Chair and Perceptual Testing

  • ​Therapy Activities-Train Doctor and Staff

  • How to Make VT Thrive in Practice

  • Communication- Case Presentation/Marketing

  • Program for Basic VT, Clear Activity Sheets

Making the Connection: Vision Problems in the Life of a Family

Earlier this month, iHeartVT hosted Amee Lecoq and Philip Bugaiski, who shared practical ways to communicate so the patient/parent enrolls in a VT program at your office.

Subscribed to iHeartVT? This valuable recorded session is free with your iHeartVT subscription!

Phil Bugaiski, OD, FCOVD, FSCO
The Developmental Vision Center,
Charlotte, NC.
Amee Lecoq, Consultant
Lecoq Practice Development
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