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You want a strong, profitable

vision therapy practice.

We can help you accomplish that.

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Work with consultants who love Vision Therapy as much as you do.

Thomas Lecoq, Founder and  Amee Lecoq, CEO

 4 Decades of Expertise

Personalized for YOUR Practice

Excellent Outcomes

First, we listen.


Whether you’re just getting started, or want to re-direct or grow your practice, we need to hear what’s important to you.


What would like to create, what’s working and what isn’t in your practice? What do you want your day to be like?


Having witnessed the growth of so many VT practices, we often see possibilities that our doctor clients don’t. Together we’ll create a vision and a plan for your ideal vision therapy practice.

Delivered in segments, for optimal learning.


After your pre-consult planning, you and your staff take 2 powerful courses, Mastering the Business of Vision Therapy, and Mastering the Art of VT Communications. (These can also be taken a la carte.) 

Then we come to your office and deliver the system. We inspire and train your team so you can all enjoy a staff-run practice. 

For 1 full year, scheduled calls as you implement the system.

What makes our consulting special? In a word, Leadership.


We model and teach leadership by inspiration.


Everything we teach and do is centered on the patient and parent.  It's the job of the leader to keep everyone on that point.  It's about giving people an entirely new future.


This is the very best way to run a practice, and it brings professional satisfaction and freedom. When you take great care of people, prosperity follows.  

What kind of practice do you want to develop? Cold Start, VT Only, Adding VT to an Existing Primary Care Practice?

We've worked in all settings, and know just how to help you realize your ideal Vision Therapy practice. 

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Neil Renaud

"The Lecoq system has been the foundation to quickly grow our practice, allow me to not feel overwhelmed and overworked, and let me focus on optometric expertise rather than stumbling through being an inexperienced business owner. Best of all, everything Amee taught us helps people find vision therapy sooner and more effectively, and experience life changing treatment with compassion, enthusiasm, and effectiveness. I am very confident our practice would not be doing as well without the foundational system of Lecoq Practice Development."

Winner, COVD Making VT Visible Award

Dr. Tod Davis

"First and most importantly, we implemented new community outreach programs, especially workshops. 

Secondly, and just as important, we made a number of infrastructure changes to the office.  We formed new roles such as VTA and PCC, implemented a triage system, and other improvements which you recommended.

Lastly, I changed my role from “worker bee” optometrist to a leader of our staff. Many thanks for your hard work in turning our office around and please use me as a reference if you wish"

Dr. Dick O'Connor

"Though we learned many other things from them, for me the most important has been the communication aspect from the first phone contact with a patient through their final exit report. This has been truly invaluable.

Having them guide us and hold our hand in those early days is paramount to our success today. Amee conducted an on-site 5-day deep dive training with our whole team. It made all the difference.

We are very grateful to Lecoq Practice Development for making it so much easier than it would have been without them."

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